Traffic Controllers

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Now Hiring:
  • Traffic Controllers: Precision and Safety Experts
  • POD Truck Drivers: Reliable and Skilled Road Warriors
  • TMA Drivers: Specialists in Safety and Efficiency
  • Ute Drivers: Versatile and Dependable Operators
  • TMA Operators: Proficient in Traffic Management Solutions
  • Traffic Management Staff: Committed to Excellence in Service
Why Choose KPI Construction Services?
  • Consistent Hours: Enjoy stable work schedules with an immediate start.
  • Industry Leader: Be part of a renowned and growing company in traffic management.
  • Dynamic Work Environment: Engage in varied, EBA-governed projects.
Essential Qualifications:
  • Valid Driver’s License: Mandatory for all roles, HR License preferred for vehicle operators.
  • Construction Industry White Card: A basic requirement for all applicants.
  • Traffic Controller Authority: Proficiency in using Stop/Slow Bat as per Queensland standards.
  • Traffic Management Implementation Card: A must-have for vehicle driving roles.
  • TMA Driver Certification: Specific requirement for TMA driver roles.
  • Relevant Experience: Expertise in operating Truck Mounted Attenuators, VMS Utes, or Cone Trucks.
  • Work Eligibility: Legal authorization to work in Australia is essential.
Join Our Team:
KPI Construction Services is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and professionalism in traffic management. We offer a challenging yet rewarding work environment where your skills are valued and developed.

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